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Natural Market.

We are specialists in maintaining the quality / price ratio at the levels of interest of our customers.
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top quality products;
Better customer service provided;
returns and warranty provided in less than 30 days.
Our team We are a small but enthusiastic team that works 7 days a week to assist you whenever necessary. We try to be as brief as possible in response. In addition, we guarantee: Top quality products; The best customer service; We accept returns. Commercial / Administrative Manager: Noé Alves / NIF 220426333 / Tlm 919435378 info@papa-nozes.com Headquarters // Office: R. Ardegães Central 461 2dt 4425-046 Águas Santas Av. Lidador da Maia 661 4425-116 Águas Santas Complaint book In compliance with DL.74 / 2017 of June 21, all of our customers can submit their complaint about our products or services to ASAE, through the online complaints book. Access the Electronic Complaints Book: