Terms and conditions of use

Use and access to the PAPA-NOZES Store page are subject to the legislation in force and the set of rules that follow. Its use therefore assumes acceptance of these terms and conditions: The User who enters his data in any form of the Page of this online store, authorizes it, freely and voluntarily, to incorporate that information in its database and its use in accordance with the principles of the respective Usage Policy. The PAPA-NOZES store undertakes to never give the information collected to third parties. Except for any abusive use of third parties who have illegitimate access to them. Users who voluntarily enter their data into any form on the PAPA-NOZES Store page, authorize it to send information considered to be of interest to them by any of the means available for that purpose (mail, fax, telephone, e-mail, etc.). The PAPA-NOZES Store guarantees all users access to all files where their data is located so that the information previously provided is modified or deleted. The present "Terms and Conditions for Access and Use of the Site" are devoted to defending the interests of the PAPA-NOZES store and the entities that provide information services, providing information, and may either from the PAPA-NOZES store or from these entities, to take advantage of what is established in them